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When you work with a Pasadena, CA, tree service company, you could keep your mature tree, bush and other foliage plantings safe and healthy. Whether you have a limb that's too close to your home, roots that are causing issues or you need to remove a tree entirely, J.R.’S Tree Service and Landscaping is equipped to quickly accomplish your job. Our friendly tree service professionals feel that removal should be the last option, so we'll diagnose your tree's health and determine the right course of action before proceeding.

Large Tree Removal – Sometimes trees can become too large for the yard or grow to close to your home or other structures and cause damage. When it comes to removing a large tree close to a structure it can be tricky and should be done by a licensed tree service company that has experience removing large trees.

Stump Removal – Removing old tree stumps and their root structures is a smart thing to do as the stump can attract wood destroying pests such as termites and bring them close to your home or structure. Caution should be taken when removing the tree stump and its roots as some of them may have become intertwined with the underground plumbing or have grown under concrete or homes foundation and can cause damage if not removed properly.

Quality Workmanship

Our locally owned and operated tree service and landscape company is familiar with caring for all types of trees both large and small in the Pasadena area. If you're concerned about pest infestations or diseases, we can examine your trees to ensure that everything is in optimal health. When you'd like to prune your mature trees to encourage growth, our staff can safely handle your project.

At J.R.’S Tree Service and Landscaping, we can care for every aspect of your landscape. Our staff has the tools to properly care for your trees and remove any tree, stumps or roots from your yard. If you'd like an estimate from a Pasadena, CA, tree service company, call today.

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