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Tree Trimming or Tree Cutting

Trimming and pruning your trees is important for their health as well as their looks. and if you are having concerns about over lengthy branches you should contact a licensed tree service professional like JR’s Tree to come and provide you with a free estimate. A professional like Jr’s Tree service cannot only tell you the health of the tree but also the best branches to prune or trim. A licensed tree service company will also be able to remove the trimmed or pruned branches safely and easily.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons to have a tree removed from your property. Dead or dying trees can cause all types of hazards including infestations of bugs such as termites. Be aware of dead trees that might fall over or branches breaking and causing injury or damage. Trees that grow too large can begin to damage property through the roots, trunk or branches. Unsightly trees, trees that drop fruit or make large messes and so on are no problem for our professional tree service staff. And at JR’s Tree Service and Landscape, we make sure we remove every tree safely and do our best not to leave behind any hint of what was once there.

Stump Removal/Stump Grinding

Stumps can be especially stubborn and sometimes need to be completely grinded away. We make sure our tree service team is always prepared with the right tools for the job. Our stump grinders can turn even the hardest stumps into little more than sawdust. So if you have an unsightly stump eating up precious real estate let the team at Jr’s Tree Service grind that trouble away.

Lot Clearance and Hauling

Our tree service team has plenty of experience clearing brush, weeds, bushes and other types of debris from all types of lots and properties. From backyards to strip malls to parks and recreation areas JR’s tree service has seen and done it all. With our experienced team, we can clean and clear any area efficiently and effectively.

Ornamental Tree, Extra Large Tree and Standard Tree Shaping

If you’re feeling tired of the same old tired shapes or look of your trees or shrubs or you simply want to give your hedges that clean and crisp look, we provide tree shaping and design to give your outdoors that little something extra. We design with taste and make sure we shape your trees or shrubs to blend with the landscape or stand out at your request.

Hillside Cleanup

Our services extend beyond the front and back yard. We clear out dry brush and hedges typically found on hillsides. With brush fires becoming increasingly common in the State of California, your safest bet against a potential fire is to cleanup those fire hazards from your hillside property, further ensuring the safety of you, your family and your property.

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