Artificial Grass on the floor preparing for installation

Artificial Grass Installation

The concept of artificial grass is appealing to many homeowners for various reasons. In the end, everyone just wants a nice-looking yard with minimal effort. This dream is possible by going to the best artificial grass company in Pasadena, otherwise known as JR’s Tree and Landscape!

The Perks of Artificial Grass

When you think of artificial grass, you might immediately think of the obvious benefits such as no more mowing or watering your lawn which equates to more time for yourself. But if you think about it, the lack of mowing and watering can also save you money on fuel and water expenses. People with artificial grass save an average of $100 a month on their water bill!

Homeowners who come to JR’s Tree and Landscape for their artificial grass get special treatment with the best-quality product on the market. We use Smart Turf artificial grass which is the only brand to use Microban technology for antimicrobial protection against bacteria.

Uninstalled Artificial Grass
Someone doing Artificial Grass Installation

Why You Need Expert Installation

Although it’s technically possible to install artificial grass yourself, it is highly inadvisable since there are many potential DIY mistakes that could leave you with unsatisfactory results and lots of wasted money. Some common oversights that many people overlook include:

  • Not accounting for drainage
  • Not leveling out the ground beforehand
  • Not factoring in essential layers
  • Not securing the edges
  • Incomplete clean-up prior to the installation
  • Installing rows in opposite directions
  • And much more

No matter how much you try to study or research proper installation beforehand, it won’t equate to the years of experience from licensed professionals. You can easily save yourself money, time, and headaches by calling up your local experts in Pasadena.

Finding Professionals In Pasadena

Where can you find high-quality artificial grass with expert installation? JR’s Tree and Landscape is the best company in Pasadena for a safe, beautiful, and low-maintenance lawn to be proud of! Other companies will try to cut costs by finding cheaper materials to lay onto your yard which might only last you a couple of years at best. Many of these companies may also ignore the finer details during the installation process so they can rush onto the next job. When you come to us, you can expect intricate care for the absolute best artificial grass installation near you!

two workers Installing artificial grass

Call JR’s Tree and Landscape Today!

While we provide you with the best artificial grass and quality installation, we also pride ourselves in offering affordable prices so that having an incredible yard is more accessible to the people of Pasadena. We do everything in our power to treat your yard with the utmost care for long-lasting results and guaranteed satisfaction! Call us today at (626) 523-9362 for a free quote.

If you need tree service in or around Altadena, California, give JR’s Tree Service a call today to see how we can take care of all your tree service needs!

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