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Artificial Grass Installation

Whether you’re seeking out artificial grass for your home or a commercial establishment in Sierra Madre, JR’s Tree and Landscape can equip your lawn with a leading brand for optimal enjoyment and functionality. To achieve this, we went with none other than Smart Turf!

Why We Chose Smart Turf

After searching far and wide for the best artificial turf, we came across Smart Turf as the best solution. We’re confident that you will love the pristine quality and attention to detail, incorporating everything that artificial grass should be.

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Looks and Feels Authentic

The average fake grass company will pump out cheap plastic as a way to quickly mass-produce turf for easy and maximum profits. Smart Turf, on the other hand, cares about the quality of its artificial grass for long-lasting satisfaction. High-quality raw materials are finely extruded and gently cooled for an end product that’s soft to the touch. The consistency of the yarn is much preferred over harsh plastic blades. Additionally, Smart Turf produces less shine for a more realistic approach and is made with UV stabilizers to keep its vibrant appeal with reduced color fade.

Safety Through Antimicrobial Technology

Smart Turf is the only brand to include antimicrobial technology called Microban which combats any bacteria that may pose a threat to your lawn. Microban ensures your health and well-being by keeping your turf sanitized all year round and under most weather conditions.

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Different Styles For Different Lifestyles

Regardless of your preference or intended use, there’s a type of Smart Turf for any and all of your needs. Some are made with longer strands while others are trimmed to be shorter. But no matter what kind you choose, you can expect nothing short of the highest quality. Types of Smart Turf include:

  • Landscape
  • Athletic
  • Pet
  • Event
  • Playground
  • Putting

Professional Installation Matters

Why shouldn’t you attempt installing artificial grass yourself? There’s actually much more to the task than you may realize. Most homeowners who try to do it themselves end up with unpleasant bubbles in their turf, open edges along the seams and corners, and improper drainage which can lead to bacteria and mold. Let the experts at JR’s Tree and Landscape tend to your property in Sierra Madre for the best results! We are knowledgeable in all of the proper procedures for reliable artificial grass installation.

We clear out dry brush and hedges typically found on hillsides

Get Affordable Artificial Grass In Sierra Madre!

Having the best artificial turf installed by a top-rated landscape contractor near Sierra Madre won’t leave you with a limp wallet as long as you call up JR’s Tree and Landscape! Call (626) 523-9362 today to get started on a free estimate for affordable artificial grass that you’ll absolutely love for many years to come.

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