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Tree Removal in Glendale, CA

There are many reasons to have a tree removed from your property. Dead or dying trees can cause all types of hazards including infestations of bugs such as termites. Be aware of dead trees that might fall over or branches breaking and causing injury or damage.

Trees that grow too large can begin to damage property through the roots, trunk or branches. Unsightly trees, trees that drop fruit or make large messes and so on are no problem for our professional tree service staff. At JR’s Tree Service and Landscape, we make sure we remove every tree safely and do our best not to leave behind any hint of what was once there.

Tree removal services in Glendale, California
Professional tree removal service in Glendale, california

The Expects at JR’s Tree Service and Landscape

We never like to get rid of a tree, but sometimes it is necessary for one to come down. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape. We will also help you pick out a tree for replacement that best compliments your yard and surrounding flora.

Many trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases, such as Dutch Elm Disease, Chlorosis and Sycamore Anthracnose. We can take some preventative measures to help protect your trees for years to come. The best plant health care program is implemented from the beginning.

When planning a landscape, development or even a small backyard filled with foliage, it’s important to consider which plants thrive in which environments and soil conditions, drainage in the area, slope and erosion, climate, and other factors that can hamper or inhibit the plant from growing its healthiest.

When you look for the cost of tree service in Glendale with JR’s Tree Service and Landscape, you know that there won’t be any extra fees or markups with our transparent pricing. Many Glendale tree care companies will cut corners by not ensuring their employees or by hiding fees until the tree work is completed. JR’s Tree Service makes sure there is no bait and switch and our Glendale experts have over two years of experience in the tree care field and can provide:

  • Same Day Emergency Tree Service in Glendale
  • Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly Tree Trimming in Glendale, California
  • Routine Tree Care in Glendale, CA (inspections to check the overall health of your trees, look for diseased or damage that can affect nearby trees)
Same day emergency tree service in Glendale

If you live in or near Pasadena, California, give JR’s Tree Service a call (626) 523-9362 today to see how we can take care of your hillside cleanup needs!

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