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JR’S Tree Service and landscape offers fast, professionals, and experienced services to customers all over the Los Angeles area. We offer all kids of emergency services including same day tree removal services in Los Angeles. Call us today to save on

  • Emergency Tree Removal in Los Angeles
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Expert Tree Removal service in Los Angeles, CA
Tree removal services in Los Angeles, CA

Choosing a great tree removal service in the Los Angeles area

When the time comes to landscaping your yard, removing something like that annoying stump, or even removing a large tree, it can be more work that one anticipates. The friendly professionals at JR’S Tree Service take all the concerns and danger out of something like a tree removal service in Los Angeles by showing up on time, being respectful, and leaving your property with no sign of an issue in the first place. Make sure to give the friendly professionals here at JR’S Tree Service in mind next time you or someone you know is in need of a tree service in the Los Angeles area.

Our Goals

At JR’s Tree Service and Landscape, our tree service management specialists and customer service team understand the importance of each and every customer, that’s why we train diligently to be sure that our employees practice professionalism at every moment they are on the job. As a local tree care company who has built its business on its reputation and ability, our goals continue to be the same they have always been.

  • To provide affordable tree care services
  • To make it easy to work with our company
  • To make sure every customer knows how valuable they are

With these goals in mind, we hope you make our tree service and landscape company your next choice for tree care or gardening and landscape work.

Tree trimming and tree cutting service in Los Angeles, CA

If you live in or near Los Angeles, California, give JR’s Tree Service a call (626) 523-9362 today to see how we can take care of your Tree Service needs!

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